Our Philosophy

At the Co-op, we provide a high quality early childhood program in which children will grow emotionally, intellectually and physically.  The Co-op's philosophy is based upon research and experience as to how young children learn best.  We offer a hands-on approach to learning where children are actively engaged in developmentally appropriate activities.  In our warm and nurturing environment, and under the care of our highly trained staff, this approach fosters a love of learning and positive self-esteem that children need to succeed in school and beyond. 

At the Co-op you will find a strong connection between home and school.  We encourage parents to take the opportunity to embrace these special years with their children.  In addition to monthly participation by our 3’s and 4’s parents in their child’s class, our director and executive board president share in writing an informative weekly Friday Note to all parents.  This well loved note contains information regarding classroom curriculum, including goals and objectives, child development, and announcements related to upcoming school and community activities.  The director’s note includes interesting and helpful articles documenting recent research in a variety of topics relating to early childhood education.

The Co-op provides parents with the opportunity to increase their understanding and knowledge of the developmental stages of young children through educational programs, newsletters, conferences and involvement in classroom activities.