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Our Director

Laurie Rouder has over 20 years experience in Early Childhood Education.  Laurie has been an elementary school and nursery school teacher. For the past 15 years, she has served as the founding director of two progressive nursery schools in New York City, establishing the curriculum, the philosophy and the culture of the school. Laurie is a member of NAEYC and was selected to be a participant in the Leadership Initiative through New York Early Childhood Professional Development Institute. Laurie is a strong proponent of the importance of play and believes that through play we begin to think creatively, problem solve, share ideas, and learn to appreciate the joy of learning.

Laurie holds a Bachelor's degree in Social Work from Cornell University and a Master's degree in Elementary Education from Queens College.  She also holds a New York State Teaching Certificate from Nursery through 6th Grade.  In addition to her formal education, Laurie has a dedication to growing and learning as an Early Childhood educator. She has participated in many types of professional development including workshops on Interactive Storytelling, The Reggio-Emilia Approach, Block Building, Plant Based Learning, and a conference all about the Wonder of Play. 



Our professionally trained preschool teachers are of the highest quality and know how to challenge and excite our young children.  As early childhood professionals, they provide a safe, happy and stimulating learning environment for every child.  They create and foster a positive teacher-child relationship with each child in their care.  They play a huge role in what makes our school so special.  

Teachers are members of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). They regularly attend conferences, workshops and take in-service courses in the field of early childhood education. They adhere to all regulations, policies and procedures established by the New York State Education Department and the New York State Office of Children and Family Services.

All head teachers write a monthly note to parents informing them of the monthly goals and objectives of their program, special activities, recipes, songs and other pertinent information to keep parents informed. Two parent-teacher conferences are scheduled per year, but there is ongoing communication between parents and Co-op faculty. Parents are also able interact with teachers on their Participation Day. Teachers frequently communicate with parents via phone, class, emails or meetings whenever neede

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